"THE EXPRESSIONIST" is a fictional character which reflects and discusses the madness of the world, at the same time criticising it & addresses the Improvement Interpersonal togetherness. 
He strives for his Imagination of an idealised world."
The head behind the "THE EXPRESSIONIST" is Marilena Barganski.
Her goal is to publish her magazine series "The NEW Romantics" twice a year and her Book
"DARKWAVE" - Why people dress so whimsical and swim against the stream? in 2024". 
In the future she pursues different projects as a creative director. 
"THE EXPRESSIONIST" stands for important values like:
acceptance of being different and individual
acceptance of all gender, pronouns & sexualities
sustainability / upcycling
being against racism / discrimination
thematising mental health
That are also the issues you can read about in the magazine and most of the artists have something to do with the values mentioned.
"THE EXPRESSIONIST tries to put himself in the skin of the artist to portray him as he is and he wants to be seen. This is also the reason why a neutral font is chosen for THE EXPRESSIONIST"
The black background and the white font serves to show "THE EXPRESSIONIST" wants to bring positiveness in this dark world with what is written about.

"Being goth for me is about being who you are, not caring what others think of you.
Being strong enough to show feelings and use that as a strength. Also being an accepting and warmhearted human. 
Through design we show a part of our identity that's why I choosed "THE EXPRESSIONIST" as my artist name."
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